Why A Craftmatic® Adjustable Bed?

Advantage of Adjustability
One of the reasons why there have been over 1,100,000 Craftmatic® Brand Adjustable Beds sold is the Advantage of Adjustability. Unlike ordinary flat beds, Craftmatic® Adjustable Beds support the natural curves of your body without causing muscle strain or discomfort.

Comfort Features
You'll notice the Craftmatic® Adjustable Bed difference immediately. Our comfort features are part of what makes our bed a place you'll look forward to relaxing in. Elevate your head or your feet. Turn on the bed's comforting heat and relaxing built-in massage options. There's no better place to be right now than in your Craftmatic® Adjustable Bed.

Better Sleep Tips

Good sleep habits and a restful sleep environment play an important role in how well you sleep. You can sleep better by creating a comfortable place to sleep.

Customer Testimonials
With its many health and comfort benefits, a Craftmatic® Adjustable Bed is perfect for you. But don't take our word for it. Listen to what our U.S. customers say!

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